Freelance for designers and developers

For designers

99 designs
This site is different from the usual freelancing exchanges: here, clients create a competition, and designers submit their work. Only the winner receives the payment for the project. 99 Designs is suitable for professionals who need to create a portfolio.

This is not a freelance exchange as such, but designers will definitely need this resource. You can post your work there, and since a Behance profile is more likely to appear at the top of search results than a personal site, customers will notice you sooner.

Angel List
If you dream of working in a promising company, start your journey with Angel List. A wide variety of startups are looking for performers on this site, so you can get to know this culture and possibly get a chance for long-term employment.

Design Crowd
This exchange is similar to 99 Designs, but it has fewer designers and lower prices. Both of these factors are favorable for beginners: there is no need to compete with many experienced professionals, so the chances of winning are higher.

Envato Studio
This site is a good place to start for designers who specialize in logos: Envato Studio is the most popular order category.

This site is more suitable for experienced designers. On Coroflot, you post your portfolio, and clients post tasks. The intermediary is the site itself, which establishes links between freelancers and customers.

Smashing Magazine
Both designers and developers can find projects here. It will take some time to sort the tasks, but after that, finding them will become noticeably easier.

This site is for designers only. It’s free for freelancers and signing up is simple: there are no waiting lists or invitation codes.

Working Not Working
This community approves only a very small percentage of design submissions. But qualified candidates get access to orders from companies like Apple, Facebook and Google. They constantly post challenges for designers, artists, photographers, producers, and advertisers.

For developers
This is one of the best sites for freelance developers that has earned a good reputation for its thorough background checks on both clients and contractors. Most tasks on it are completed in less than 48 hours.

With publications on TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC, Lorem has quickly become a popular resource for hosting short-term website development projects. Clients are especially attracted by the absence of a monthly fee for publishing tasks. For completing one of them, you can usually earn from $25 to $250. The Lorem team spends a lot of time manually vetting freelancers, so you’ll have to wait for approval to sign up.

Here registration will not take much time: you will be able to respond to tasks almost immediately. This site specializes in projects of medium and high complexity, so it is more suitable for experienced professionals.

Rent a Coder
This is a free resource with tasks for both developers and designers.

10x Management
This site is looking for a variety of performers – from developers to cybersecurity gurus. 10x Management is suitable for those who have received a narrow technical specialty, or those who are planning to get it and are exploring the prospects.

This is also a platform for both developers and designers. Gigster recruits freelancers for projects using AI. Suitable for those who already have experience.

Talent Cupboard
Talent Cupboard is a resource suitable for beginners: on it you can create a resume and find your first clients.

Here they are looking exclusively for specialists in working with WordPress. The range of tasks can be the widest – from setting up themes to connecting plugins.

Programmer Meet Designer
This site brings together developers and designers. This is a fairly simple resource with tasks. The search can be customized by payment, required skills and deadline.

If you are an experienced programmer, YouTeam can help you find a remote job or freelance job. Most of the site’s users are not full-time freelancers, so you can take on long-term projects even if you already work for an IT company. Before registering on YouTeam, customers and performers undergo a thorough check.