“Unrealistic” types of freelancing

Today, working on the Internet attracts many people, since with such work a person has the opportunity to plan his own schedule, not stand in huge traffic jams and not follow the dress code. But the main advantage of working on the Internet is that a person can work from anywhere in the world.

As Artemy Lebedev noted, freelancing is impossible in Russia, so it is not customary to work here. Currently, there are a considerable number of “scams” that cast a shadow on earnings on the Internet.

Today, most people are unwilling to put in all their efforts to improve their financial situation. They prefer to get rich without looking up from correspondence on social networks or computer games. Such people are easily led to tempting offers from the creators of the pyramids, jobs with minimal effort but good earnings, as well as tips on how to win at the casino. But this is just a hoax. If you answer a seemingly harmless vacancy for typing from handwritten sources, then the applicant will be offered to pay a security deposit, which guarantees the conscientious completion of the task.

However, the customer himself is unscrupulous, because after paying the deposit, the potential applicant does not receive the assignment.

In addition, there are “fake” job options for which the applicant receives a meager pay, so it’s impossible to earn a more serious amount. Such vacancies include opinion polls, clicks on social networks, watching a commercial, joining groups and reposts, and so on.

Ways to make money online that can make good money

Earnings on which you can really make good money do exist. These include making money on your own website, copywriting, programming, translations and many others.

Own site. Many people dream of having their own website. This is due to the fact that you can place advertising banners on it, thereby getting a good income. However, before you open an online store, you need to invest resources not only in website promotion, but also your energy. In order for a web resource to generate income, it must be very popular.

Large online stores offer to participate in affiliate programs. Here the principle is quite simple: a freelancer distributes links to this resource, for which he receives a monetary reward, but after the buyer makes a purchase in this store. In fact, it is not so easy to interest the audience with links, but if there is a strong desire and experience, then you can make good money on it.
Rewriting and copywriting. Today, copywriters are often required not to have literary skills, but marketing ones. So, if a person knows how to write effective selling texts, and it is also interesting to submit an informational article, then he has a high chance of becoming a successful freelancer. Rewriting is a simpler, but less paid type of income. In this case, a person from one or more sources rewrites the text in their own words, which becomes unique. Most freelancers who start working with texts look for work on specialized sites. Despite the fact that the prices here are not very high, but if you gain experience and constantly develop in this direction, you can achieve new heights. As practice shows, many beginners give up this idea, but there are those who stubbornly achieve their goal.

Freelancing in France

Today, there are many other types of earnings on the Internet. With certain skills and a good knowledge of the language, an employer can also be found in France. It all depends on the talent of the potential applicant. So, knowledge of graphic programs makes it possible to work as a designer, and excellent knowledge of the language makes it possible to work as a translator or write content in a foreign language. Also, such people can conduct consultations, engage in tutoring, work in technical support or as a sales manager. Thus, a person can work in any industry, the main thing is to have professional skills or a desire to develop. In addition, a freelancer must have excellent communication skills and be able to organize a work schedule.

Often, remote work is used as an additional source of income, rather than the main one. However, only those who have a lot of free time after work can afford such work.

Summing up, we can say that making money on the Internet is not a myth, but a reality. The only thing that is required of a freelancer is to work regularly and very hard, especially in the initial stages.