What is Freelancing: How to Work for Yourself

Freelancers are their own superiors and subordinates combined into one. What kinds of jobs are suitable for this type of employment, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and how does one transition to telecommuting?

The growth of the internet has allowed some categories of employees to spend less time in the office or even switch to remote work entirely. Companies or individuals hire freelancers to perform specific, personal, one-time, and sometimes permanent jobs. In this case, the employee might be in another city or even another country.

Who can be a freelancer?

The word “freelance” is composed of two English words: “free” – freedom and “lance” – tip, spear. This is what they called “free spearmen” in the Middle Ages, or free mercenaries who choose who they serve. Mostly they are employed for a short period of time, for a fee, such as during campaigns, during sieges of forts, or to protect caravans.

The most common remote workers are:

  • programmer;
  • poker player;
  • translate;
  • photographers and artists;
  • Contributor;
  • lawyer;
  • marketing personnel;

In Freelancing, you will meet highly qualified employees and students. The same goes for the uneducated. People who choose this type of work like to be solely responsible for their own work results, not depend on other employees, and organize their time and work according to their own wishes. One of the ways to make money in Paris is online poker. Anyone can play professionally. It is important that you know the rules.

Play games online from the comfort of your home

Usually, the winner of a hand is the player who accumulated the strongest hand combination at the end of the hand at the showdown (also known as “showdown”), or the player whose last bet was uncalled. In this case, the player without a showdown wins.

Not knowing which is higher: a straight or a flush? Forgot how to make a whole house? The strongest combinations are listed on the top row from left to right, while the weakest are the normal height map.

Start the game

Typically, poker games have mandatory antes, such as the big and small blinds in Texas Hold’em and Omaha. These mandatory bets are placed at the beginning of each hand and form an initial pot for players to compete against. Players’ bets in subsequent rounds of betting further increase the size of the pot.

Dealing and betting rounds

After the first card is dealt, players move clockwise in the order of their positions on the table.

Basically, each player can choose one of the following actions:

Check. By checking, you give up the opportunity to bet first. Players can only check (miss a move) if no bets have been placed in the current betting round. The check transfers the move to the next player clockwise to participate in the distribution. If all active players check, they all remain in hand and the round ends.

Bet (bet). If there is no opponent to bet in this round, the player can place a bet. After the first bet, to further participate in the distribution, other players must “balance bet” by putting the same amount into the pot.

Wrinkles (pass). The player who folds and cannot win or continue to participate in the current hand thereafter.

Call. A player may call (Equate, Call, Support a Bet) if other players have already bet in the current betting round. To do this, he must pay into the pot an amount corresponding to his opponent’s highest bet.

Increase. A player may raise (raise, increase bets) if other players have already placed bets in the current betting round. To do this, he has to bet more than his previous maximum bet. In order to continue participating in the distribution, all subsequent players must balance this bet (call) or raise again (reraise).

The number of betting rounds depends on the type of poker. Texas Hold’em and Omaha, the most popular poker variants, both use the same betting structure, consisting of four rounds of betting: pre-flop, flop, turn and river.

Each round of betting continues until all players call or fold (if no bets are made, the round may end if all players check). After the bidding round is over, either the next card is dealt and the next bidding round begins, or the hand ends.

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